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Where do I start toward becoming an Artist?

Written by Jason Euler  |  October 20, 2019

Where do we start when we begin the journey of chasing our dreams? Taking that first step and putting a plan into action can be difficult. So often we leave our dreams up to a wing and a prayer counting on luck to send us in the right direction. Along the way we will stumble from failure to failure, is inevitable. There will be hardships, mishaps, and things that don’t go as planned along the way. This is where we gain our most valuable life lessons through these experiences. These moments are invaluable and the failures are some of the best teachers we have.

While experiencing some failure is necessary for true growth, there are many smaller failures we can avoid by learning from the experience of others who have been down the same path before us. While each artist project is unique in it’s own way there are universal principles in music that we can all acquire to avoid little failures that waste our time or set us back.

Artist’s will pay for help on social media, advertisements, music promotion, etc., which are all very necessary things for growth. However, they are only beneficial if used properly and in line with a brand built with a strong foundation. This is where mentorship becomes invaluable. Mentorship is something that is often overlooked by many artists as they try to take on so much by themselves early in their process with little to no help. If you could go learn from the failures and mistakes of someone else and the success and wins of another, would that information be valuable?

A smart man learns from his own mistakes,. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. One move made differently can alter the entire projection of your project and where it’s going, thus creating the butterfly effect. When we make the right choices to keep our ship heading in the right direction we can avoid setbacks that will cost us our most valuable asset we possess as humans; time.

The Artist Path aims to help aspiring producers and DJ’s put their project on the right path and give direction not only within this insanely competitive industry, but install life principles by working to create a strong mindset to take on the undeniable challenges one will face.

Get in touch with us at Artistpathmusic@gmail.com to set up a free consultation and see the variety of services we offer to help those who wish to chase their dream fearlessly.