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Jason Euler

Experience Creator - Relentless Beats

Areas of expertise
  • Artist Development
  • Management
  • Event Planning
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1 Hour

Jason Euler is an Arizona born and raised dance music entrepreneur experienced in a variety of industry realms such as artist management, event planning, promotions, experience creation and business development. His vast leadership skills range from a variety of experiences including building multiple businesses from the ground up, and a stint playing college baseball at Eastern Illinois University. Through baseball he was able to learn discipline and time management as the sport took him all over the country with time spent in New York, California, Arizona and Illinois. Jason has made his way fiercely and swiftly in the music industry with his first exposure to the dance music industry in September of 2016 at Mad Decent Block Party. There, he was left with no ride home and ended up paying for a $100 uber to travel just 25 minutes away. At the time he would never know this moment would lead to his start in the dance music industry. Several weeks later in November Global Dance Festival was set to be hosted in Arizona, and an idea was sparked to run party buses to and from the festival - solving a problem he once had. Party buses led to club promotion and that led to running events under his own event company, OCTIV Entertainment. Under OCTIV, Jason would begin a career in event and artist management where the Ekonovah project was started. After Two and a half years Jason would make the move to Arizona's leading dance music and EDM promoter, Relentless Beats and take the role of Experience Creator and Sponsorships. At Relentless Beats Jason is responsible for creating all of the activation at each festival, bringing the festival-goer experience to the next level. Through his growing network at Relentless Beats, Jason would start to manage more producers such as tyDi, Jersey Club pioneer R3LL and EDM Vocalist Bella Rene. In 2020, the dance music industry was shook by COVID-19 and there was a need to pivot direction to continue working in the music industry, as the rest of it seemingly came to a halt. The Project The Artist Path was born from an idea to connect inspiring producer with professional producers with the ability to book sessions 1:1 with their favorite artists. After a few months the project would evolve into Kinekt, which allows eager students form all industries to connect with professionals of a growing list go industries.